SeeUWell Makes Seeing A Doctor So Much Easier

Enjoy a free month of full access to SeeUWell, and experience all of the features and functionality of a true Telehealth innovation

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SeeUWell is the Telehealth Revolution

SeeUWell frees health and wellness professionals by providing an easy
and comprehensive Telehealth solution for routine visits, e-consultation visits,
and care-coordination follow ups with multi-party accessibility, real time text translation,
file sharing, and desktop sharing with customizable
platform capabilities. SeeUWell is affordable, and can stand alone or be
integrated with Ledabour Wellness Kiosks.
SeeUWell is fully functioning without the need to integrate with any EHR,
or can be integrated at your request. SeeUWell is easy to launch with the click of a
mouse or touch of a screen. SeeUWell is secure, customizable,
and available free for one month.
SeeUWell will revolutionize the Doctor’s visit.

About SeeUWell
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Enjoy ten routine visits, e-consultation visits, and care-coordination follow ups with your patients on us. Experience all of the SeeUWell features with absolutely no risk. After your ten sessions, once you are convinced SeeUWell will enhance your health and wellness care, upgrade your plan with the simple click of a button for uninterrupted service.

Try One Month FREE!

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