10 Reasons to Use SeeUWell

Enjoy a free month of full access to SeeUWell,

and experience all of the features and functionality of a true Telehealth innovation. All plans include:

Real Time Translation

Remove frustration and language barriers with real time text translation during video sessions. Both the health provider and patient can utilize English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese and many other language translations to ensure accurate communication.

Audio/Video Visits

Experience crisp and clear audio and video during your face-to-face tele-visits with patients. Conduct Telehealth routine visits, e-consultation visits, and care-coordination follow ups in the location of your choice and convenience. Deciding when to see your patients is in your hands.

Multi Party Sessions

Engage in group video sessions and consultations with your choice of one-on-one sessions or an unlimited number of participants. Move easily from full view of all participants to focused discussions between individual participants with one click or touch. You are in control of the visit.

File Transfer

Share files amongst participants by simply dragging and dropping files from your desk top into tele-visit sessions.

Desktop Sharing

Share large documents, such as lab results and imaging, without dependency on bandwidth. Control what you want to share with either a single participant of the tele-visit, a few selected participants, or the entire panel of participants.

Platform Capabilities

Customize consent forms and questionnaires. Establish online payment (coming soon) confirm insurance eligibility, utilize Native iOS or Android application. Implement medical device integration. All capabilities adapt to bandwidth fluctuation.

Security & Bandwidth

All communication is encrypted with DTLS-SRTP protocol with double authentication requirements, and our servers do not store any communication data. Recording is done on the provider’s end and can be turned on or off. SeeUWell works seamlessly with low bandwidth. If you can launch a browser, you can launch SeeUWell.

Customizable Virtual Waiting Room

SeeUWell offers a customizable virtual waiting room that can be tailored to promote the mission of your office, and advertise products of your choosing. Patients wait for you in the virtual waiting room until you initiate the SeeUWell tele-visit. You are in control with SeeUWell.

Fast Implementation

No installation required. SeeUWell is a standalone application fully functioning with or without EHR integration. SeeUWell can be downloaded and launched on a PC or Mac or through mobile applications opened on Apple and Android devices. Supported platforms include Windows, Mac, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE.


SeeUWell is proud to offer affordable pricing to promote equality in health and wellness. SeeUWell has no per provider fees, installation, or setup fees. Monthly plans start as low as $29 per month and range in tele-visit sessions from 10 to 3000. All plans enjoy the same premium features listed here. Try the innovative standalone application free for one month. Enjoy ten sessions and then upgrade to our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum plans.

The SeeUWell Difference

Long ago, health and wellness professionals made house calls to their patients. The meeting was personal and not bogged down by pressures of administration and paperwork. As the work and case load for health and wellness professionals increased, patients had to travel to see them. Not everyone could. Over time, the number of people with inadequate access to health and wellness has become overwhelming. Distance, mobility, access, and availability has resulted in an increasingly vulnerable society. Health and Wellness Providers now deal with overscheduling, repeated cancellations, a lack of preventative care, and an overwhelming increase in emergency care.
SeeUWell frees health and wellness professionals by providing an easy and comprehensive Telehealth solution for routine visits, e-consultation visits, and care-coordination follow ups with multi-party accessibility, real time text translation, file sharing, and desktop sharing with customizable platform capabilities. SeeUWell is affordable, and can stand alone or be integrated with Ledabour Wellness Kiosks. SeeUWell is fully functioning without the need to integrate with any EHR, or can be integrated at your request. SeeUWell is easy to launch with the click of a mouse or touch of a screen. SeeUWell is secure, customizable, and available free for one month. – SeeUWell will revolutionize the Doctor’s visit.
Other Telehealth companies only offer parts of the solution to provide equality in health and wellness. Some provide the hardware, some offer expensive software that requires installation and difficult implementation. Others charge provider fees for their service, require high bandwidth, offer products that can’t be customized, or requires integration with EHR……
Put your health and wellness practice on the innovation map with SeeUWell. The world is high tech and health and wellness should be too. SeeUWell will brand your office as a forward thinking practice you and your patients can be proud of – A practice that is answering the call to health and wellness equality.
Broadcast your health and wellness initiatives in your Virtual Waiting Room with customizable marketing solutions. Make an innovation statement with SeeUWell.
“The trend toward telehealth will be driven by employers, private insurers and the Affordable Care Act, which makes doctors and hospitals more accountable by moving medical care providers away from fee-for-service medicine where they are paid based on volume of services to reimbursement based on the value of care they provide. This trend often uses doctors as a quarterback of sorts in concert with nurses and other allied health professionals to keep patients out of the hospital where care is more expensive.” – Bruce Jaspen “ObamaCare, Doctor Shortage To Spur $2 Billion Telehealth Market.” Forbes 22 December 2013: Forbes.com