How It Works

Telehealth and remote care provide an exceptional customer experience opportunity for patients. Consumers/patients want telehealth as a convenient way to receive checkups, preventive care, and non-critical services.

Additionally, the growing popularity of telehealth is directly connected to the necessity of implementing operational efficiencies within the healthcare system. 

Deliver true value-based care! Telehealth services have yielded real results, the mounting evidence of which is leading to greater reimbursement allowances by the centers for Medicine and Medicaid Services.

How does SeeUWell benefit my practice? 

SeeUWell is an ethical company that believes in bridging the communication between providers and patients to help with continuity and accessibility of care anytime, anywhere. Unlike others, SeeUWell protects the patient’s data privacy and never sells the information.  


With our secure platform, you have the ability to minimize cancellations and no-shows with automatic reminders that are sent as free text (SMS) messages and emails. Customization is also included. You can add your logo, questionnaire, consent forms, and payment feature. 


How does SeeUWell work for my patients? 

Your patient will receive a unique and secure link that directs them to their virtual appointment. No setup needed. This link allows them to check-in, which notifies you that they are in the “waiting room”.  

Your patient will see a customized page that contains your logo, questionnaireand consent formsThis simple check-in process also includes the ability to submit payment/insurance information. 

Once you are ready for the appointment, click on the patient’s link from the platform. The cameras and microphones will turn on and the session begins. When the appointment is done, simply click “check-out” to securely end the call. Once you have clicked “check-out”, the link expires and the patient no longer has access to the “waiting room”.  Each completed appointment will be marked for your reference. Likewise, the platform maintains record of consent forms, questionnaire submission, and start and end time of each session. These records are in your platform, readily accessible. 

Can I add other medical professionals/
specialists/care providers/interpreters to a virtual appointment? 

Yes! Our platform allows you to connect other physicians, care providers, specialists, nurses, interpreters, patient family members, etc. to an appointment. For example, if you need a specialist or interpreter to attend the appointment, they can join the session from the waiting room. This feature works similarly to a video conference call.

video conference meeting among doctors

How are payments collected for patients without insurance? 

We have partnered with Stripe, a secure and well-established online payment service. With Stripe, your practice can easily and securely collect copays and full payments. Please note, you would have to register with Stripe. Simply follow the prompts on the screen to complete your payment setup. 

For insurance information, the questionnaire can include the fields for the patient to complete. This helps prevent claim rejections.  

If I need help with the platform, who can I contact? 

Our support team is ready to help you with any inquiries. Please contact us with any questions. We are available Monday through Friday from 9am – 6pm.